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Our Competences

Corporate Law and M&A Transactions

Corporate Law

  • Articles of associations and shareholders’ agreements
  • Formations by way of cash subscriptions and non-cash contributions
  • Preparation and assistance in shareholders’ meetings and general meetings
  • Preparation and implementation of equity and debt financings
  • Proceedings regarding defective resolutions
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Profit transfer and domination agreements
  • Liability of managing directors and board members


  • Legal Due Diligence
  • Structuring and negotiation of company acquisition agreements (asset and share deals)
  • Mergers, divisions and form-changing conversion
  • Merger control proceedings
Capital Market and Capital Investment Law

Open-end and Closed-end Funds and other Asset Investments

  • Legal conception of open-end and closed-end special and retail funds and other asset investments
  • Preparation of sales prospectuses, investment memorandums and other sales documents
  • Structuring of the articles of association, service contracts and contractual terms
  • Ongoing legal advice and support in relation to the initiators, capital management and investment companies
  • Defence of claims by investors and claims under prospectus liability

Capital Market Law

  • Preparation of securities prospectuses
  • Legal support on initial public offering and capital increases
  • Preparation of and support on general meetings and creditors meetings
  • Issuance of convertible bonds
  • Preparation of and support on takeovers
  • Legal support on delisting

Banking and Securities Supervisory Law

Corporate & Commercial Litigation
  • Processual strategy consulting
  • Corporate-related disputes and shareholders disputes
  • Civil actions related to commercial law
  • Post-M&A disputes
  • Defence of claims by investors and claims under prospectus liability
  • Defence of revocatory actions of the insolvency administrator
  • Proceedings regarding defective resolutions
  • Inheritance proceedings and proceedings for the issue of inheritance certificates
  • Enforcement of judicial decisions
Structuring of contracts for Corporations
  • Contracts for the sale and delivery of goods
  • Licensing contracts
  • Software development and maintenance contracts
  • Agent and distributor contracts
  • Quality assurance agreements
  • Executive employment contracts
  • Joint venture agreement
Private and Corporate Succession in Property Rights

Law of Succession

  • Structuring of last wills and testaments and contracts of inheritance
  • Anticipated succession
  • Rights to a compulsory portion
  • Contracts for the benefit of a third party in the event of death
  • Powers of attorney regarding legal guardianship and precaution


  • Advising in the establishment of family foundations and non-profit foundations
  • Structuring of the act of foundation and the articles
  • Assistance in official approval proceedings
  • Current advice of founders and executive bodies of foundations within the scope of the foundation’s activities and settlement

Corporate Succession

  • Structuring of succession clauses in articles of association
  • Entrepreneurial wills and testaments
  • Adjustment and coordination of private succession arrangements with succession clauses in articles of association
  • Advising in the change of the legal form of business enterprises

Divisions of Estates and Execution of Wills

  • Preparation of schedules regarding the division of estates
  • Division of estates among joint heirs
  • Assistance in succession-related disputes
  • Execution of wills (by way of division or administration)
Alternative Dispute Resolutions

Arbitration Proceedings

  • Representation in arbitral proceedings including cancellation and enforcement proceedings under the German Code of Civil Procedure
  • Exercising the functions of an arbitrator


  • Representation in commercial mediation proceedings and other extra-judicial dispute resolutions
  • Exercising the functions of a mediator and conciliator

Structuring of Conflict Resolution Clauses in Contracts

Development of Conflict Resolution Strategies